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Speech Therapy for Adults and Children Right Here in Dartmouth

Why Private Therapy?

Many of our younger clients who get speech services in school or through early intervention have made great progress with the addition of private services.

We work as a team with our parents, encouraging them to be active participants in their child's program, which means that we will give you the materials and techniques needed to work with your child at home. We welcome people from the surrounding areas, New Bedford, Fairhaven, etc. We are a premier outlet for effective speech therapy.

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When should my child
have a speech evaluation?

Many children have developmental articulation issues, meaning that as children develop speech they might mispronounce sounds such as saying "w" for "l" (wowipop) or they may have a lisp or difficulty pronouncing "r", etc. When the speech sound substitutions persist beyond the age of mastery or if the child is becoming frustrated because people do not understand him, it is time to seek a professional opinion.

Visit our 'Speech and Language Guide' page to view our comprehensive list of ages of mastery that will help you gauge your child's speech and language development.

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